• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. Chris J. Fallabel

    Mr. Fallabel                                           Room M48, M49, M50                             HACC

    American Studies I / American Studies II / American Studies III

    Class Rules / Overview:


    1. Students are responsible for defining chapter terms, section questions, chapter review & assessments, reading chapters (both with and without the teacher), notes, & handouts.
    2. Students are 100% responsible for the care of their textbook.  Textbooks must be returned in the exact same condition as issued.  If textbook is damaged or not returned students must pay the school district to replace the book.
    3. Students are required to have a pen / pencil, notebook, folder, flash drive & textbook everyday for class.  Items are necessary and will be utilized on a daily basis. 
    4. Students must be in the classroom and seated by the time the bell rings.
    5. All students absent from class are responsible for finding out what work they missed and for making up that work.  In the case of multiple days missed from school the student should contact the teacher so that the proper arrangements can be made.  Students are also responsible for presenting all work that was missed.  If work is not presented to the teacher you will not receive credit for the work.  All students need to be responsible for finding out and making up work without being prompted by the teacher.
    6. Work that is late will be accepted if it is accompanied by a valid excuse (doctor’s note, etc…).
    7. Missing work, without a valid excuse, cannot be made up.
    8. Cheating, plagiarism, and / or forgery are all automatic grounds for a grade of “zero'.
    9. All tests, quizzes and projects are announced at least one week prior to being administered. Therefore, all tests will be given to absent students the day that they return to school since they had adequate preparation time. 
    10. A deduction of points will be taken from the class grade for every time that the student is late to class without a valid excuse if the lateness persists.
    11. Ridicule of another student’s work will result in a grade of a “zero” for your work.
    12. The grading scale for the class is as follows:

    -          A = 93-100

    -          B = 85-92

    -          C = 77-84

    -          D = 70-76

    -          F = 69 & Below

       15. The final exam is a project and will account for 25% of your final grade.


        16.  Grading rules for the class are as follows:

     -          Tests = 35%

     -          Homework = 25%

    -         Quizzes = 20%

     -           Mid Term & Final Exams = 25%



                   Important Reminders: 

    1.      Cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited.
    2.      Bullying and harrassment will not be tolerated at all on any level.
    3.      No food or drink in the classroom.


                    It is your responsibility to make up the work you miss if you are absent.  If you do not make up the work you will not receive credit.

    Quizzes & Homework:  Quizzes will be given periodically throughout each chapter and will be announced.  Homework will be assigned during each and at the end of each chapter.

    Tests and Projects:  Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.  Projects will be assigned periodically throughout the year depending on the subject matter.  Both will be announced ahead of time.

    Exams:  Exams will take place at the end of each quarter and semester and will account for 25% of your grade.

    Side Notes:

                    If you know that you are going to be absent please let me know in advance so that any necessary steps can be taken so that you don’t fall behind.  If you have been absent please provide me with a doctor’s excuse so it can be properly documented and doesn’t count against you as an unexcused absence.