• American Studies I

    The Atlantic World to 1865

    Course Syllabus

    Hazleton Area Career Center

    Mr. Gregory


    American Studies is an academic discipline that studies the past, with special attention on the written record of human history over time. Throughout this course we will discuss, debate, write, and think about the course took by people from the Atlantic World to the end of the American Civil War.  Major events we will cover specifically in this course are: Discovery of the Americas, French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, beginning of American politics, slavery in the U.S and the Civil War.



    1.      To attempt to investigate objectively the patterns of cause and effect that determined American events.

    2.      To orient students to a wide range of skills that allows them to research accurately through several different types of scholarly sources.

    3.      To provide students with the opportunity to think freely and independently about the issues studied throughout this course.



    1.      Chapter 1:    Many Culture Meet                                         Pre-History - 1550
    2.      Chapter 2:    European Establish Colonies                           1492 - 1752

    3.      Chapter 3:    The Ameican Colonies Take Shape                 1607 - 1765 

    4.      Chapter 4:    The Ameriacn Revolution                                 1765 - 1783

    5.      Chapter 5:    Creating the Constitution                                 1781-1789

    6.      Chapter 6:     The New Republic                                             1789 - 1816

    7.      Chapter 7:     Nationalism and Sectionalism                         1812 - 1855

    8.      Chapter 8:     Religion and Reform                                         1812 - 1860

    9.      Chapter 9:     Manifest Destiny                                               1800 - 1850

                 10.  Chapter 10:    The Union in Crisis                                           1846 - 1861
                 11. Chapter 11:     The Civil War                                                    1861 - 1865

    Grading policy can be found on the grading policy page or the following link: Grading Policy



    Classroom Procedures:

    - The class will be run using several different instructional techniques both teacher based (lecture) and student based (group work such as organizers, outlines, and writing prompts).
    Students should strive to come to class prepared to discuss, debate, and answer questions dealing with the historical topics being covered that day.
    Students will be expected to keep a notebook as it will be extremely helpful as a study guide.  When an absent student misses notes for that day they should either borrow them from another student, or they find them on the POWERPOINT webpage.  Students are responsible for all slides covered in the chapter, whether they are here for the presentation or not.
    Students should arrive on time daily prepared with their text book, notebook, and writing utensil.  Those failing to comply with these procedures will lose 2pts towards class participation (25% of final grade).