• Science- is the study of everything and anything.
    Theory- is the goal of science (to be able to use data to predict an outcome consistently).
    biology- is the study of life
    environment- is all abiotic and biotic factors impacting a organism
    diffusion- movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
    osmosis- movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
    homeostasis- diffusion until an equilibrium is reached
    system- a specific group working together for a determined purpose
    biome- large land mass characterized by plants and animals
    epidermis- outer layer of skin
    receptor- senses the environment
    plankton- microscopic animals
    integumentary system- skin
    arthropods- macroinvertebrates covered in an exoskeleton
    cartilage- cushion and shock absorber for the body
    oviparous- lay eggs outside the body
    articulate-work together
    vertebrate- contains a back bone
    scale- representative in size
    respiratory system- breathing system
    population- given species in a given area
    community- all the given species in a given area
    fatigue-reaching a point of exhaustion
    carnivore-meat eating
    nervous center-control center
    biosphere-portion of earth on which life exists
    central nervous system- main involuntary control system
    cervices-deer family
    voluntary- under one's control
    involuntary-not under one's control
    cerebrum- thinking center of the brain
    clearcutting- removal of all trees except saplings
    circulatory system-deliver nutrients and removes waste for the body
    epidemic- a regional out break
    blood typing- determines the anitgens and antibodies of a person blood
    pandemic- a world wide outbreak
    blood pressure- the blood flow resulting from the rhythmic contraction and resulting relaxation of the heart
    point source pollution- the immediate and initial cause of pollution
    reproductive system- produces the gametes
    vertebrate- contains a backbone
    gametes- reproductive cells (egg and sperm)
    pest control management- various method to keep various population in check