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    ***Hello Everyone,*** 

    ***Last Day to Complete Any/All Edgenutity Work Will Be Wednesday June 3rd***

    ***Important Information***

    Starting MAY 4th students will be using the Edgenuity online educational platform. The first week (May 4th to 8th) will be used towards Quarter 3 grades and must be completed before moving on. These review materials will be used as bonus points towards Quarter 3 grades. From May 11th to June 5th NEW MATERIALS will be graded towards the students Quarter 4 grade. Students should follow along with the Online Outline Below and do the lessons assigned to each week. Grades will be uploaded to Skyward weekly, upon completetion of each weeks materials. 


    Click the following link to log onto Edgenuity:


    There are two training videos for the students to watch.  Some students are saying they are stuck after watching the video. It is because they did not watch the second video.  In order to watch the second it tells them to "click on a tile to go to the course map now". They should click on a tile.  I always tell them to click on the toggle switch in the upper right hand corner. For example:


    Here are some things to help you get started through the Edgenuity program:

    • Log in access will be sent to all students this week. 
    • For best access, use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for this program. DO NOT use Internet Explorer.
    • Once you are able to log in...On your dashboard, you will see tiles (courses) you’re enrolled in.
    • Must complete a student training course and required to watch 2 orientation videos.
    • There is no jumping around. Will need to let video play out, no fast forwarding.
    • You may add notes within the program, however I would suggest you to write out your notes because then you will be able to use them for assessments. By taking notes the old fashioned way, it will also help with retaining the material.
    • There is a glossary you may find beneficial to use for vocabulary found within the material.
    • There is a feature that will allow you to change the language as well as the transcript feature that will provide you with a written dialogue of what the teacher is saying. So if you would rather not listen, but read instead, this is a nice asset for you to utilize.
    • If there is a slide that doesn’t include a teacher speaking, you can highlight the wording and have it read aloud to you.
    • Teachers will have “office hours” Monday-Thursdays from 1:00-2:00pm. This means, you can reach out to your teachers during this time and receive an immediate response. However, if you have a question outside of this time frame, please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway.
    • There is an email feature within the program that teachers will be using to reach all students either individually or by class.
    • Your grades will be transferred to skyward upon completion of assessments. Therefore, to view your current and accurate grades, please see them in skyward.

    Office Hours 

    I will be online Monday through Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. to answer questions quickly 

    Please send your questions through Edgenuity, HASD E-mail or Skyward.

    You may still send messages before or after my online office hours and I will get back to you as soon as possible 


    Online Teaching Weekly Assignments Outline (Edgenuity)

    Week 1 – May 4th to 8th

    Quarter 3 Review (Due by Sunday May 10th) 

    1. The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

    2. Adolescence

    Week 2 – May 11th to 15th

    New Materials

    1. Pregnancy

    2. Abstinence and Contraceptives

    3. Risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Week 3 – May 18th to 22nd  

    New Materials

    1. Common Sexually Transmitted Infections

    2. Understanding HIV and AIDS

    3. Physical Fitness Basics

    Week 4 – May 26th to June 3rd 

    New Materials

    1. Physical Fitness and Lifestyle

    2. Physical Activity Benefits

    3. Physical Fitness Attitudes

    4. FINISHED!!!!!

    Thank you,  

     Mr. Perkowski

    (updated 6/5/2020)


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    Mr. Perkowski

    Email: perkowskig@hasdk12.org 

    Phone: (570) 459-3221

    Room: Gymnasium

    Subject / Grade: 9th Grade
    Health, Physical Education, & Swimming
    Head Freshman Baseball Coach
    Assistant Varisty Football Coach