• Precision Machine Technology I


                Introduces students to machining operations as they relate to the metalworking industry. Topics include machine shop safety, shop math, blueprint reading, measuring tools, precision measurement, engine lathe, drilling machines, saws, milling machines, bench grinders, and layout instruments. Students will learn how to safely perform the basic operations of measuring, layout, drilling, sawing, turning, and milling. Students can complete NIMS Measurement & Materials Safety Certification.




    Precision Machine Technology II


                Students will move into more complex and challenging projects and advanced operations of measuring, layout, drilling, sawing, turning, and milling. The students can look forward to completing projects, which they can actually take with them and use once they are employed in the machine trades. Students will complete NIMS Job Planning Benchwork, & Layout Certification, & NIMS Drill Press Certification.




    Precision Machine Technology III


                Students will continue to develop their skills on the manual machines covered in levels I and II, while also learning basic programming and operations of high tech CNC machines, G and M codes along with conversational CNC training. For students who display an acceptable level of competence in the material covered and possess a high level of maturity, a co-op program is available. Students will complete NIMS Turning between Centers Certification, & NIMS Milling Certification.