Career & Technical Exploration
    Class Participation 20%
    Notebook 25%
    Assignments (Classwork) & Quizzes 25%
    Tests 30%
    Class Participation
    Students will attend class and work for the entire period. No frequent lateness, no leaving early without permission. 
    Students will READ and click a "Thumbs Up" on communication on "Posts" in the General Channel of MS Teams.
    Classwork Requirements
    Students will complete Chapter Study Guides and Quizlet.com vocabulary assignments. 
    Chapter assignments for Study Guides and Quizlet.com must be completed by due date to recieve full credit (100% grade). After the due date, students will recieve a maximum of a 50% for the completed assignment. 
     Framework- The framework is all of the vocabulary words, Recall and Comprehension questions, Chapter Summary, Reviewing Content questions, and all available test hint questions typed out in study guide outline form.
                                                Career Exploration Family Consumer Science
    Class Participation/Observation 20%
    Classwork/Electronic Worksheets 25%
    Quizzes 25%
    Tests 30%

    Students will look for assignments and due dates on Microsoft Teams "posts" tab in the General Channel. After reading the post, students will click a "thumbs up" to acknowledge the post has been read. 

    The majority of student work will be done on the Applied Educational Systems (AES) www.aeseducation.com

    Some student work will be done on www.quizlet.com


    Students must do all work individually. Activity/Time in AES is closely monitored by the instructor. All modules must be watched completely, it is the only way you can complete the electronic worksheets.


    Student participation is based on

    1. READING and Clicking "Thumbs up" on MS Teams "Posts". Especially assignment due dates.

    2. Activity/Time on the AES system.

    3. Verbal participation on in class discussions and powerpoints.

    4. Active inquiring on improving their work.

    5. Keeping up with the pace of school work.

    6. Come to class on time.

    AES Classwork
    Students must do all work individually. Electronic worksheets must be put into your own words and completed by the start of the quiz time and date or a zero will be issued. Any copying of work from another student is considered cheating and is subject to a zero grade. Students must study e-worksheet questions and answers to do well on the quizzes and tests. Students should watch each module video at least twice.
    The system will not allow you to take the quiz unless you complete the module video. 
    Quiz grades will not be counted unless electronic worksheets are completed. 
    Students must contact Mr. Klingaman to grade past due assignments (such as electronic worksheets). Past due electronic worksheets will recieve a maximum score of 50%.
    No make up quizzes or tests will be given until student has completed the Unit the class is currently working on.