• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. DeBlass

     Individual class procedures will be outlined in class and are in the course syllabus. that each student received.
    - All classes will adhere to the following procedures:
    •    The number one rule in Mr. DeBlass's classroom is to be RESPECTFUL. This applies to teacher and student and any interaction between and among the two. The environment in my classroom is one in which students should feel safe and one that will allow for optimum learning experiences.
    • Students are held responsible to catch up on material they may have missed, they should inform me if they missed notes and have no way of acquiring them from someone else. Students should always make up materials such as PDNs for the day(s) they may have missed. 
      •   If a student is absent for a test or quiz, they will be made up on THE DAY THEY COME BACK (all quizzes and tests are announced)
    • Material handed in late without absences will be accepted with a penalty, and not accepted after a certain point (will be estrablished in class).
    • Students should be ready for class everyday with a writing instrument, a notebook, and their book.
    • When performing labs, students are responsible for adhering to the safety rules, and any other rules that I may have established for that lab.