• Grading Procedures for
    Mr. DeBlass
    Students will be graded in the following way:



                    Behavior – A large part of your participation grade will be behavior in class. RESPECT between other classmates and the teacher is important in my classroom, and any unacceptable behavior after verbal warnings will result in points lost. Your behavior grade starts each quarter at a 100. Points are lost for disrespectful behavior during the class after a final warning. SKyward will have details as to why a student has lost any points in the form of comments left on the students grade. 

                    Attendance – As per school policy, any student with 7 or more unexcused absences in a quarter will receive a failing grade for participation.

                    In-class activities – Some in class activities will be graded based off of your willingness to do them. An example would be your Please Do Now…do them...get the credit…easy way to get a good participation grade.


    25% TESTS

      Usually each chapter covered will have a test at the end of it. They are always announced with plenty of time to study (at least one week), and almost always accompanied with a review game/day before.



    Within chapters there will be quizzes given on important material; they are always announced (usually 2-3 days). Labs will be conducted throughout the course, lab reports will be used to gauge what you learned, and will be graded by groups.  


    10% PROJECTS

    Usually during each quarterr yiou will be given a few small (individual) and one larger (group or individual) projects to complete. They are expected on time by the de date and any late work will result in a deduction of points.

     15% EXA

      An exam is given at the end of each marking period, covering all material from that marking period. Projects are also grouped in with the exam for students who may be test anxious, and they are there to help your grade, and your understanding.