• English Syllabus



    Course Description

    English I (101H)
    English I integrates writing, grammar and usage, speaking and listening. It includes reading a variety of literary genres: short stories, novels, poetry, drama, and nonfiction. It also emphasizes oral and written response to literature. Writing activities include descriptive, narrative, informational, and persuasive compositions in addition to written responses to literature. Vocabulary development, reference tools, critical thinking, and cooperative learning activities are used to enhance learning.


    English III (1034S)
    English III HACC refines and extends the skills introduced in English II HACC. It is designed to integrate higher level academic skills with the student’s vocational needs and interests.


    H. English III (1031)
    Prerequisite: 93 or above average in English II or Honors English II.

       Honors courses include more rigorous, intensive application of core content at or above grade level with required independent reading and research at an accelerated pace.

       English III involves an advanced study and practice of the principles of effective writing with an emphasis on the various types of discourse and the research process. Students will explore the general background, progress, and development of American literature, including appropriate vocabulary. Students are required to complete a research paper


    Classroom Behavior   * All policies in the student handbook will be strictly followed in our classroom.

    a) Respect yourself, fellow students, and teacher

    b) Exercise self-control always (Crude and offensive language will not be tolerated)

    c) Respect time (Don’t waste it)

    d) Respect property.  You are borrowing some of this property from a friend - our school

    e) Follow district dress code policy. This year, hoodies and jackets, as well as crocs are banned.

    g) No electronic devices (i.e., cell phones, Apple watches, game systems etc.) allowed in class.         

        *Cell phones will be placed in a caddy in the back of the room at the beginning of class and picked up at the end of the class. If students are found to have not placed phone in the caddy, the phone will be sent to the office.                 *No headphones or air pods will be allowed.

    Keys to Success

    a) Attend classes and be on time for class

    b) Be attentive  

    c) Follow directions

    d) Ask appropriate questions

    e) Do assignments thoughtfully, completely, and on time 

      f) Bring the necessary materials to class each day.         

       *Students will need a notebook for class and something to write with daily.  

    Miss a class?

    It is extremely important to make up missed work in class. All assignments will be on Microsoft Teams. Look at the assignments channel daily to see what assignments were given. Students that are absent will have the equivalent to the number of days absent to turn in work for FULL credit. Homework can be turned in one day late for HALF credit. Following the second day, homework will no longer be accepted for credit. Research papers, individual/group projects, and oral presentations will all drop one letter grade for each day late. It is your responsibility to find out what work is missed either from another student, Teams, or myself and make it up.


    Help:  Help will be available before and after school. If you need help with any assignment or topic, please see me. There is daily tutoring available in room #C31 in the morning.  


    Grading Criteria

    25% Class Participation

    15% Tests, Essays

    15% Homework, Class work, Quizzes, Projects

    20% Performance Tasks, TDAs

    25% Midterm/Final


    Class Participation Policy


                Your daily class participation grade will be based on how you apply yourself to all the learning activities that take place in our classroom. You will begin each day with the maximum points possible (3). You can attain these points by paying attention, participating actively, and completing tasks effectively. You will lose points by not attending class, interrupting the teacher, sleeping in class, disrupting class, disrespecting yourself or another student, or me. Remember, you are in class for a reason ---- to learn, and if someone is misbehaving in class, it affects everyone. Everyone in class has the right to learn. The daily participation will be recorded as follows:


    3 points- You are on time, prepared for class, respectful, attentive, and enthusiastic

    2 points- You are late, disruptive, unprepared, passive, and/or semi-motivated.

    1 point- You are disrespectful, negative, off-task, and/or uncooperative.

    0 points- You are disruptive, sleeping, and/or defiant; require official notification.

    0 points- You are absent from class and do not make up missed work/show teacher work



    If you are absent from class, you will not be able to add anything or take part in class activities; therefore, you will not receive any points for that day. However, if you make up all work missed (in a timely manner – see above), you will receive points. Also, continual negative behavior in class will result in the student losing additional class participation points.


    At the end of each week your total points will be calculated, with the maximum number of points possible being 15, and the lowest amount being zero. At the end of the quarter, your weekly class participation average counts as 25 % of your total grade


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