Upon entering math class:
    -Grab a calculator
    - Sit in your assigned seat
    - Bring notebooks daily
    - Extra paper is available
    Classroom Materials:
    - Calculators are near the door to take upon entering class.
    - Calculators are to be returned at the end of class.
    - Please put them intheir correct numbers
    - Raise hand
    - Never be embarassed to ask questions!
    -I will check homework at the beginning of class if given.
    -Though homework will be assigned daily, no more than 20 problems will be assigned per night.
    -If you are absent, you have as many days as you were absent to make up the homework.
    - 2-4 Quizzes/chapter
    - Test at the end of the chapter.
    - Exam at the end of each quarter.
    - Exemptions
    - If you miss too many days, it will surely effect your grade because we will be covering very much material.
    - Once you return from an absence, you are required to turn in missed work. It will not be accepted at the conclusion of the semester.
    Leaving class:
    - You must have a pass.
    - Ask me at the beginning or while doing group/seat work.
    At the end of class:
    - Make sure you are leaving the classroom the way you found it. (Clean floors, desk put back, etc.)
    - Make sure calculators are put away.
    - I dismiss you, not the bell. Remain in your seats until you are dismissed. NO LINING UP AT THE DOOR!
    - Homework/Class Participation - 25% (Two lowest homework grades are dropped.)
    - Quizzes - 25% (Lowest quiz grade is dropped)
    - Tests - 25%
    - Exam - 25% (cumulative)
    - Extra Credit opportunities - TBA
    - Don't be late to my class!
    - Don't cut my class!
    - Respect yourself, others, and me!
    - Work to the best of your ability!