Classroom Rules

    -Respect others and their property.

    -Raise your hand to comment or ask questions one person at a time.

    -Do not be disruptive. Be in your seats at all times.

    -Discipline will follow school district policy.

    -Be prepared and on time for class. (Sharpen pencils before class).

    -Follow the dress code.


    Grading Policy

    Tests 25%

    Quizzes 25%

    Assignments 25%

    Mid Term Exam/Final Exam 25%


    Tests and Quizzes

    Tests and quizzes will be announced.

    If you are absent the day before an announced tests or quiz, you will still be required to take the test or quiz. If you are using a phone during a test or a quiz 

    I will collect your paper, throw it out, and you will receive a zero.


    Homework and Classwork

    Homework will be checked regularly. It is either complete or incomplete. You cannot makeup a homework assignment unless you were absent.

    All homework problems need to be written out and fully completed with work shown for credit.

    Classwork: Random classwork problems/assignments will be included.


    Parent Information

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (570) 459-3221 ext. 81500.