• Rite, Right, or Write...Find Out at the HAHS Writing Center
     By Thomas A. Holodick
    “Cougar Chit-Chat” is proud to report new improvements made to the writing center this year. In previous years, the HAHS Writing Center was located in the HAHS library. This year, it has all changed for the good! Back and better than ever, the writing center now has a home located in Room 113. The writing center has many useful resources available to students right at their fingertips. The writing center provides students with state-of-the-art laptops, useful website resources, which can be found on the writing center’s website, and school textbooks and supplies which can aid the student’s progress in their academic studies. So, what is the writing center, and what does it do? It provides students with positive reinforcement through peer editing with English teachers and writing lab assistants. Positive tools to enrich student knowledge and skills are also reinforced. Have a question on how to effectively persuade or inform an audience during a speech? Need to learn how to properly cite information in APA or MLA format? Need help “beefing up” your term paper? The writing center has the beef! Students are encouraged to visit the writing center anytime during the school year, or during provided after school hours. Whether you need drastic help or have a simple question, the writing center is ready and eager to help you! The writing center operates every period during the school year, and high school “writing lab assistants” are there to help you. The writing center assistants for semester one include Jamilette Benzant, Nelissa Castado, Gabriella Echeverry, Lauren Hunsinger, Taylor Prehotsky, Chelsa Scarcella, Natalie Alcantara, Skilee Gould, Lindsey Dedics, Johnny Pepen, Celia Sokolofski, Mackenzie Aucker, Julissa Hererra, Thomas Holodick, Natalie Perkowski, Miguel Polanco, Michelle Stojkov, and Sarah Strassner.
    Link to online article: https://www.hasdk12.org/cms/lib/PA01001366/Centricity/Domain/742/october%20issue.pdf