Class Expectations

    Cougars Expectations

    Cell phones and other electronic devices (earbuds) need to be put away during class. If they are seen, they will be confiscated. These devices will be collected on all quiz and test days.

    On time is the best way to come to class. Once you enter class, sit in your assigned seat and complete the PDN problem.

    Utilize appropriate behavior in the classroom.

    Get a pass to leave the classroom. Only 1 student allowed out of the classroom at a time.When you leave, you must place your cell phone in the phone bin. You may retrieve your phone once you return to class.

    Always come prepared for class. (Bring laptops every day!)

    Respect everyone and everything in the classroom always. Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.

    Stay in your seat until you are dismissed from class. Do not line up at the door.