Testing Procedures

  • Testing Procedures for
    Special Education Students
    Jerry Johns Informal Reading Inventory
       This assessment consists of assessing comprehension in three different areas, as well as decoding skills.  It provides an instructional, independent and frustrational level in oral, silent and listening comprehension. Students read grade level passsages and then answer 8-10 comprehension questions related to the passage to yield a comprehension level.  For the decoding skills, students read a list of 20  grade level words to obtain a decoding level.    
    Group Mathematics Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation (GMADE)
         This assessment determines a student's math ability in different areas.  The test consists of three sections: Concepts and Communication, Operation and Computation and Process and Application.  The Concepts and Communication section deals with the language and representation of math concepts and terms.  The Operation and Computation section assesses a student's operational math skills depending on their grade level.  The Process and Application section has students read real world problems and apply math skills to solve.