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      Do you enjoy drama?  Do you like to dance and/or produce art?  Have you ever wondered how that really cool commercial or how that creative advertisement was created?  Do you enjoy reading and discussing literature? Or, maybe, you enjoy singing and/or playing a musical instrument.  The Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy offers specialty studios for creative and innovative students.   It is time to start thinking about your high school choices!   


      The Arts and Humanities program at HAHS offers unique opportunities for all students.  Our goal is to link the "arts" and the "humanities" with each subject area to make learning more hands on, more interactive, and much more fun while applying/connecting the concepts of our curriculum to the world around us.  Our high, academic-styled programs promote, as well as encourage, individual, creative minds and assist in bringing about critical thinking skills that apply to all areas of life.  Most importantly... the students in the Arts & Humanities program form a family.   


      If you are a student who likes to work with others, wants a supportive environment, likes to learn through creative outlets, and wishes for unique experiences both inside and outside of school, please consider becoming a part of our family by joining the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy

      If you might be interested in the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, please fill out the survey at the link below:



      For more information, please view the attached brochure and/or visit our website by scanning the QR Code