• Vision Statement
    Vision precedes action and growth. Vision establishes the destination. Vision is a strong positive force. Vision enables. If an organization is to continually improve itself and perform well its assigned tasks, it must create for itself a vision of continuing success.

    The vision of the Hazleton Area High School District is one of providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to meet the challenges of life in a new century, a century which promises to bring change in all aspects of their lives. Schools are envisioned as safe and orderly, with students actively involved in learning. Our students will learn how to learn, how to manage information, and how to use that information to achieve goals. They will learn to problem solve in a wide variety of settings. Students will learn the interrelationships of the subjects they are learning. This will increase for them the pertinence of the educational experience.

    This committee envisions a community which supports, reinforces, and extends the work of the school. We envision also the efforts of the schools strengthened by the collaborative effort of faculty, administration, parents, students, and the community. We foresee schools that manage their resources effectively, squeezing the most benefit from each dollar spent. We envision a faculty able to exercise its full professional potential with ample opportunity for professional growth and development. Schools in this vision are in excellent repair and contain all the resources necessary for effective teaching and learning. Most importantly, we envision schools as places with high expectations so that all students will have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.