• book kid
    There's no need to carry home a load of books to do a research project.  You don't need to buy a current newspaper or magazine to bring a article to class.  USE THE DATABASES!  The subscriptions will work from your home computers.
    Ask the librarian for the USER ID & PASSWORD .
    Remember to ALWAYS click on the full text box . 
    You can change the citation to MLA or APA format before printing. 
    Use the Student Center from the main page.
    EBSCOHOSTWeb has MAS file for general topics.  MASTERFILE premier is for more in depth research.
    Try the English Language Learner database for translations.
    USER NAME & PASSWORD are the same pl2302
    The Scribner writers series is for literary papers.
    You can sign up to take practice SAT tests online in the Testing and Education Reference Center.
    Gale Virtual Reference Library contains reference ebooks from our school's reference section.