• judge Mock Trial  


            The mock trial is the ultimate law-related education experience for the best and brightest high school students in the United States and around the globe.  The program is dedicated to promoting an understanding and appreciation of the American judicial system through an academic competition.   To learn more about mock trial, watch this video:


    ·         Students will gain a more in-depth understanding of the American judicial system.

    ·         Students will hone their critical thinking, written and oral advocacy and other basic academic skills.

    ·         Students will interact with other students of diverse backgrounds.

    ·         Students will dress professionally for all competitions.

    ·         Students, teachers, and attorney advisors agree to treat each other, the evaluating judges, presiding judges, courtroom staff, and mock trial coordinators with respect.

    ·         All participants agree to display proper courtroom decorum and good sportsmanship during all aspects of the competition.

    ·         All participants acknowledge that the reality of the adversarial system is that one party wins and the other loses. The participants agree to accept either outcome in a mature manner.

    ·         All participants agree that the highest value should be placed on excellence in preparation, presentation, and sportsmanship.