• Testing Procedures for
    Mrs. McAfee
         Testing for Crafts I, Crafts II and Crafts III are both Hands-on (Actual) tests and Written tests. Individual questions will be asked to each student throughout the day to see how well they are grasping each concept.  Teacher observation of how well each students applies different procedures to eventually become efficient and proficient will occur on an ongoing, daily basis.  Requirements for each project will challenge students with different techniques to create well designed, functional pieces.
         The hands-on test are reviewed using verbal and written instructions followed by a demonstration.  Each student is asked to practice and to ask questions on the procedure/demonstration given.  They are then required to take a hands-on test proving they can apply what they've learned.  An example of this is loading a sawblade into a sawframe.  This must be passed by each student before continuing onto the next step.  In this case learning to saw.  This knowledge provides safety and minimal frustration  when students are asked learn and demonstrate their sawing abilities. 
         Other techniques are assessed through observation and graded on classroom performance.
         The student's projects shows each student's accomplishments or deficiencies.  Because each project shows many different final assessments and accomplishments they are a large percentage (approximately 55% - 60%) of the student's final grade. Since no tools can be taken home, students must be present to meet dead lines and complete projects.