• Grading Procedures for
    Miss Oster

    20% of grade will consist of Projects

    (Macbeth Projects such as Leadership Poster, MacBook of Character, CSI Investigation of King Duncan's Murder, Mini-Socratic Seminar, Hand-washing Experiment, Family Interview Questions/Poems/Story, Novel Projects, Canterbury Tales Modern Speech (Honors), Beowulf Boast (Honors), Epic Movie Assignment/In-Class Writing ("Hiroshima Diary" entry, Night Type III Writing, Quick Writes for Macbeth, Quick Writes for The Metamorphosis, The Jungle, and The Picture of Dorian Gray)
    25% of grade will be based on Classwork/Homework
    ***Most Homework will consist of studying for upcoming tests, working on papers, completing assignments not finished in class, and conducting research 
    25% of grade will be based on Tests and Quizzes
    ***Tests will be a variety of formats including True and False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Short Answer, Long Answer, Essay 
    30% of grade will consist of the Cold Read Exam (Critical Reading and Argumentation will be the mid-term and final exam projects) and the Performance Tasks
    ***Performance Tasks are vital for this class!!  Since we have a new Writing Lab and several Writing Lab Assistants at our disposal, we will go to Room 113 to work on these projects.
    ***Performance Tasks include for 11th grade:  Family Tree Paper, Poster, and Pedigree Chart, Persuasive Essay based on Of Mice and Men, Essay based on The Great Gatsby "Can Money Buy Happiness,?" Poetry Research Project with Presentation completed with a group, Seven Deadly Sins and The Crucible (Honors Only!!),  Analysis of Rhetoric and Famous Speeches (JFK's Inaugural Address, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and King's I Have a Dream speech)
     ***For seniors: Legacy Paper on their life, Qualities of a Good Leader with Macbeth, modern leaders, and historical leaders, Paper on the novel (The Metamorphosis and changes in the three central characters for English IV and a paper on topics from The Jungle or The Picture of Dorian Gray for Honors IV, and a speech/power point/outline on a natural or a manmade disaster.
    ***For Critical Reading and Argumentation:  Modern Fairy Tale, Informative Speech, Detective Narrative, Novel assignment on a book of their choice about the law/mystery/forensics, etc. (fiction or non-fiction), Analysis of Famous Court Cases, Domestic Tragedy paper, etc. 
    Follows the English Department's Procedures