• The Classy Coffee Clan is a program that allows student to operate a coffee cart within the Hazleton Area Career Center. The program began with a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The grant was intended to fund innovative ideas for allowing students with Autism Spectrum Disorder to become employable. Hazleton Area was one of 10 districts chosen to participate in this grant. We are extremely proud of our students and the success we have seen over the past 8 years since the grant was first implemented. At this time, the project is self-sustaining and has been opened to students with all types of disabilities who need to learn employable skills.
    The students are supervised by a district mentor, transition liaison, and speech therapist.
    coffee clan
    Goals of the program include:
    • Improve social communication skills
    • Give students the opportunity to practice work skills in an authentic work setting
    • Improve mathematics skills by operating a cash register and making cash deposits
    • Learn inventory skills
    The staff at the Career Center and Administration buildings have been instrumental in making this program a success.
    Students earn tips which are used to buy various rewards throughout the year. Last year, students earned money toward field trips and movie passes.