• The HASD Special Education Department has an extensive Community Based Vocational Training Program. This program extends beyond the confines of a school campus. Students will learn and demonstrate job skills in authentic work environments. Students spend 8 weeks at each job site for 2-3 hours. These positions are volunteer positions. Students are not paid, rather there for training. District mentors are on site to monitor students who are sent in pairs to each of our job sites within the community. The district transports the students.
    The goals of the program are:
    • Introduce students to the "real work environment"
    • Instruct students in either generalized skill training or specific job criteria
    • Allow students to acquire responsibility and independence
    • Increase a student's vocational skills and explore vocational interests
    • Continue a student's vocational training by applying previously learned skills and experiences
    • Assess a student's interests, preferences, and abilities to help with future job placement.
    • Address each student's individual needs and gather the necessary information to help parents make decisions regarding post-school goals