Materials needed for Math class EVERYDAY!
     Math Textbook (Geometry) --- Math Notebook --- Pencil & Eraser

    All of the following rules will be strictly enforced!


    Classroom Procedures

    ü  All students will enter on time and fully complete “Please Do Now”.

    o   x

    ü  Pencils should be sharpened immediately when entering the classroom, BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.

    o   x

    ü  When bell rings, all students become attentive and ready. 

    o   Students will NOT be given a pass to get forgotten materials.  Failure to bring materials can result in a failing grade.


    ü  Pay attention to all example problems and copy them into notebook.

    o   x 

    ü  Ask questions by RAISING YOUR HAND.


    ü  Only one person talks at a time.  Do not disrupt anybody at any time.

    o   x

    ü  Stay seated unless directed otherwise. 


    ü  Respect is not given, it is earned.

    o   x

    ü  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Discipline will follow school district policy. 




    Grading Policy

















    ·   Tests

    ¨       Will be announced

    ¨       Class will review the day before the test

    ¨       Minimum of (2) tests will be given each marking period!


    ·   Quizzes

    ¨       Every Friday

    ¨       Will cover only work we have gone over and you should know!


    ·   Homework, PDN, Classwork, & Participation

    ¨       Homework: Checked daily for completion

    ¨       Homework: Credit will only be given if ALL problems are complete

    ¨       Homework: May be checked for accuracy after it is gone over in class

    ¨       Homework: All students will have points taken away from homework grades for any incomplete assignments or homework left in their locker!

    ¨       PDN: Random PDN problems will be scored and included
    ¨    Classwork: Random classwork problems/assignments will be scored and included

    ¨       (2) Participation grades are averaged PER QUARTER- 50 points each


    ·   Exam

    ¨       Cumulative

    ¨       End of each quarter


    Work Missed While Absent:  Your responsibility to make up!


    *Students: Use this page as a reminder of what is expected of you in the classroom.  Our class time is important to you and to me.  Keep up with your assignments, do your best, see me if you need help, and I guarantee you will do well in my class this year.


    *Parents: If there are any concerns or questions throughout the school year, please feel free to contact me at (570) 459-3221 ext. 81500 or through email at reggiec@hasdk12.org.  By reading this document, I assume you understand what is expected of your student throughout the course of the school year.