• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Tarselli

    Classroom procedures:
        LEARNING SUPPORT:  Please follow the guidelines set up for each class. If I am the Support teacher assigned to the classroom, don't hesitate to ask me for help if you need it. Part of transitioning to high school is advocating for what you need and speaking up for yourself. ASK me for help if  you need it or stop in Room 101.
       CASE MANAGER : If I am your Case Manager for your IEP, I am the person responsible for completing your paperwork, monitoring your progress(Reading, Math and behavioral tracking) and assisting you with any concerns that arise. If you need to speak with me, I am located in Room 101. You can also messsage me on Mrs. Tarselli's Caseload Team or send me a message on my google voive number. 
    I  support many English classes throughout the day, however, if I am not in Room 101 please leave a message either by note, on the board or with my colleague, Mrs. Buck.
    I will be sure to touch base with you as soon as possible. 
    REMEMBER.........  YOU are important and I CARE!!!!!
    Little Arrow TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR WORK!!
    Little Arrow ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!!!
    Little Arrow NO EXCUSES.......