• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Walck


    Mrs. Walck– Rm. 119

    1.            RESPECT (Most important to Mrs. Walck and hopefully to you too!)

    2.            Lateness – Lateness is not tolerated.  
    3.            Inappropriate Language – Our classroom is no place for cursing or sexual harassment towards another student or myself.  Please think before you speak!  I have no problem removing any student(s) that set(s) a negative tone in our positive learning environment.
    4.            Materials – You must have a pencil/pen, notebook and textbook everyday unless I instruct you otherwise.  Failure in taking notes on a daily basis will reflect on your grade.   
    6.            Missed homework – If you are legally absent (doctor’s note, funeral or suspension), you have 3 days to make up any missed work that was given.  It is your responsibility to get the missed assignment(s) from the “homework wall”, complete the assignment(s) and show the missed work to me anytime before that third day is over… and yes, Saturday and Sunday count as part of the three days!
    7.            Missed quizzes/tests – If you miss a quiz or test and you were present the day before the quiz/test was given, then you are required to take the quiz/test the day upon your return.  The only time you are not required to take a quiz or test is if you have been absent numerous days in a row and you were not informed of the quiz or test.  If you are given notice of a quiz or test, then you need to be prepared on that day… no exceptions!
    8.             My desk” You may use anything on my desk AFTER YOU ASK AND I APPROVE. 
    9.            Cell phones/Ipod/MP3/PSP/headphonesTHEY ARE NOT PERMITTED!!!  If they are seen or heard, they will be confiscated and handed over to the office.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

    10.        Attendance – 25% of your grade will result in a zero if you are absent 8 or more days from my class.  This is a school wide policy, not just mine.  If you exceed the seven days, the highest grade you will receive is a 75% - D.  



              Your grade is comprised of 5 parts:

                25 % - Tests

                25 % - Midterm/Final Exam

                12% - Homework

                13 % - Quizzes

                25 % - RESPECT, class participation, notebook keeping and attendance
    Homework assignments are worth anywhere from 0-5 pts. per assignment. They are graded on how complete the assignment was done, not on how correct it is.
             ~ Found online at www.hasdk12.org
             ~ Select HAZLETON AREA HIGH SCHOOL
             ~ Under ACADEMICS, select MATH DEPARTMENT
             ~ Select MATH CURRICULUM