• Classroom Procedures



    What do I bring to class everyday?

    1)      Textbook – you are responsible for covering and the upkeep of your assigned textbook.

    2)   Binder or notebook.

    3)   Pencil – work will only be accepted in pencil.


    How will I be graded?

    Classparticipation/Homework:                25%Quizzes:                                                        25%

    Tests:                                                             25%

    Exams:                                                          25%


    Class participation will reflect tardiness, participation, preparation, behavior, and effort.  All tests will be announced at least 3 days in advanced and there will be an in class review. Quizzes will come in a variety of length and type. Homework is graded for completeness. Exams are given quarterly and a review will be provided. Grades will be updated on Power School.  Students and parents can access your grade at anytime. 


    How will homework be graded?

    Math is not a spectator sport.  In order to become proficient, one needs to actively practice.  My homework is a time for you to practice what you have just learned.  Homework will be checked either complete or not complete and graded from 0-5 points.  I want to see that you have attempted to work each question.  The problems need to be copied down and work must be shown. The student will get credit for all complete problems.


    What if I miss a day?

    In accordance with the district policy, all of those students with eight or more unexcused absences will receive no more than a 50% for class participation.  If your absence is excused, you have 3 days to make up any missed work that was given.  It is your responsibility to get the missed assignment(s), complete the assignment(s) and show the missed work to me anytime before that third day is over.  It is your responsibility to ask a classmate or myself what you missed.  Ask if anything was collected, notes taken or worksheets given.  All of my assignments will be posted on my website.  It is extremely important for you to come to math class because classroom discussions can not be duplicated. 


    How do I study for a math quiz or test?

    My tests consist of similar problems that were assigned for homework or were given on a quiz.  The best way to study for a math test is to do practice problems.  Select old homework problems and re-work them, or make up questions of your own.  Do not wait until the night before to study for a quiz or test!


    What if I have a question?

    Please come to me!!  I cannot say this enough.  I am here before and after school and during lunch.  If these times do not work for you, we will find a time that does. 


    What are the classroom rules?

    My classroom rules are as follows:

    1)      Be respectful to me, classmates, yourself, and all materials in the room. 

    2)      Follow all school rules and dress code.

    3)      Bring materials to class everyday.

    4)      Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings.

    5)      Follow directions the first time they are given.