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Classroom rules and procedures


Mr. Ringleben's Classroom Rules and Procedures! 

-         Never plagiarize anyone else’s work. Becreative; use your creativity to inspire others!

-         Develop your own opinions. Study the subjects wediscuss and create your own thesis of them with support.



-         Never speak when another person in the room isspeaking.

-         During class discussion, if you disagree withanother person, wait until they have finished speaking and then respectfullygive your opinion.

-         Even if certain stories or assignments do notappeal to you, they may appeal to other students. Therefore, remain quietduring student work.

-         Do not call out; raise your hand, if we arehaving class discussion, wait for your moment to speak.

-         Do not get up and walk around, remain in YOURseat during the duration of class, don’t be a distraction.

-         Do leave the room for any reason without teacherpermission.


BE RESPONSIBLE:As a High School student you are responsible to/for…

-         Show up on time to class, any student late toclass will be redirected to get a pass from the office

-         Come to class prepared; bring notebooks,pencils, and any reading materials assigned to you.

-         You are responsible for your writing portfolioand your grade, be sure to keep all of the materials in your writing portfolioand keep your portfolio in a secure location (it will be collected at the endof the semester)

-         Every 10“Please Do Now’s” will be checked and counted as a quiz grade (I can alsogive a quiz on the PDN’s at my leisure), if you are absent for one of the PDN’sit is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make upthe Please Do Now from one of your classmates.

-         When you enter the room, copy the PDN question,the number of the PDN, and your answer (if there is a daily pun on the boardthat is to be copied as well).


Most of all, have fun, be creative, show mutual respect

In this class we are all equal. There will be times when ouropinions will be different, allow your voice to be heard in a respectfulmanner. Speak your opinions and back them up with research. Remember, no one of us is as smart as allof us!