English I is the first level of high school literature and language that focuses on skills such as writing, speaking, reading, and listening to prepare students for entry into a post-secondary program or occupation. This is a class where students can come to not only analyze literature but also have their voices be heard. The class places emphasis on group discussions and also encourages students to try new things, be creative, and experience stories/topics through multiple viewpoints.  The classroom is also designed with peer-to-peer procedures in mind (i.e. students working together to achieve a common goal).
    English I looks at a wide variety of texts of the duration of the class. This includes, but is not limited to, short stories, poetry, fictional stories, non-fictional stories, historical events such as the Holocaust, and more. English I also focuses on improving student writing, using MLA format, and the importance of properly citing information (both to avoid plagiarism and prove their arguments). In this class students are expected to keep a portfolio of all of their writing assignments. Before handing in the final copy of each writing assignment, students MUST create a rough draft and go through a round of peer editing. Despite everything that students must achieve in this class, above all else, students are expected to be themselves, be engaged, and have a little fun while learning about literature.