• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Kovalik


    Student Success Code


                           Welcome back students and family, and welcome to math class! In order for all of us to have a successful year there are rules and procedures that must be followed in the classroom every day.

    • Everyone will respect everyone and everything in this room at all times! DISRESPECT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!


    • Our classroom is no place for cursing or harassment towards another student or myself. Please think before you speak!


    • In order to be successful in this class you must come prepared every day! You must bring your math book, a notebook, and a pencil with an eraser with you to class. You will not be allowed to leave the class to get any forgotten materials once the bell rings. Missing any of these items will result in loss of participation points.


    • All students will enter the classroom on time and begin working on the PDN  problem immediately. Students will be given a notebook that is to be kept in the classroom and used only for the PDN problems. This will be checked weekly and used as a quiz grade.


    • When the bell rings all students will become attentive and ready to begin class. Students will not be permitted to leave the room to go to their lockers once class begins.


    • Pay attention to all example problems and copy them into your notebook. The problems we complete in class will be similar to homework and test problems and should be used as guides when completing the homework. Taking notes is not optional, it is required!


    • All tests/quizzes will be kept in a folder that stays in the classroom.


    • Ask questions by RAISING YOUR HAND. Only one person talks at a time. Shouting out in class or talking while others are talking will result in loss of participation points.


    • Stay in assigned seats unless directed otherwise.


    • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The classroom will be a place of mutual respect for both students and teachers.


    • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES or any other type of electronic device. Students must keep their phones away at all times. If a student takes their cell phone out during class it will be confiscated and turned into the office. The student will not be able to get the phone back until the end of the day.


    • Homework is to be fully completed every time it is assigned. If a student is absent they have 5 school days to make up any missed work. Any work not made up will result in a 0.  


    • You must ask to leave the classroom for any reason and you must sign out and take the hall pass. Lavatory privileges, if abused, will be taken away.


    • Do not line up at the door at the end of class. All students are expected to remain seated until the bell rings.


    • Students’ behavior will be monitored daily. Each student starts with a 100 for participation, any negative behaviors in class will result in the loss of points. As per district policy any student with 8 or more days of unexcused absences will be automatically given a 50 for class participation.

      • Examples of negative behaviors: late to class, using cell phones, being disruptive, out of assigned seats, off task, sleeping, and unprepared.

    Grading Policy












    • Tests: all tests will be announced and a review will be given the day before the test. If a student is absent on test day, they are expected to take the test the FIRST DAY THEY RETURN TO SCHOOL!

    • Quizzes: most quizzes will be announced but a review will not be given. Students should study from class and homework material. Bell ringers will be counted as quiz grades once a week.

    • Homework, Classwork, Participation, and PDN’s:

      • Homework is expected to be fully completed whenever given. It will be checked daily and graded on a scale of 0-4 depending on the completeness of the assignment. Homework is graded on effort, not accuracy.

      • PDN’s will be given at the beginning and end of each class. Students will always complete these in the notebook I provide. PDN’s will be checked on a daily basis, they are not optional, especially the problems at the end of class. Students must number and date the PDN problems and make up any problems they miss due to absence. There will be PDN tests or quizzes from these problems so it is very important to keep them up to date and accurate.

      • Participation is a large part of your grade, how you act in my class will be reflected in this.

      • Classwork is not an optional assignment. Once a lesson is complete you will be given problems to practice, this is NOT free time!

    Students: use this page as a reminder of what is expected of you in the classroom. Our class time is important to you and to me. Keep up with your assignments, do your best, ask me if you need help, be respectful, and I guarantee you will do well in my class.

    Parents: if there are any concerns or questions throughout the year, please feel free to contact me at (570) 459-3221 ext. 81500 or through email at kovlikl@hasdk12.org.

    I look forward to having a successful year with you!

    Mrs. Kovalik