• Review your schedule for errors. If there are mistakes, come to guidance. Schedule change requests are reviewed in the order they arrive.

    Throughout the year, review your progress and report cards to make sure you are maintaining a good standing grade point average, GPA.

    Your 9th grade year starts your transcript. Your transcript is a record listing every class you took, when you took them, grades you received, total credit count, SAT and Keystone scores, and your class rank. Transcripts are used for applying to colleges, technical schools, military, and full-time jobs. An unattractive transcript with low scores and poorly selected courses does not look appealing to certain colleges and can prevent you from their admissions and earning scholarships. Scholarships are free money that you do not have to pay back. They are based off merit, athletics, or an application process.

    tr Be careful of your absences and tardiness coming into school. Missing instruction can result in failing a course. If you do not obtain an appropriate amount of credits, you will not be promoted to 10th grade. This may result in paying for courses over the summer and/or being off track to graduate with your class on time.

    Make sure you are studying and reviewing your notes nightly. Even if you do not have any homework. Take advantage of our free peer tutoring service in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Be sure to prepare for mid-terms and finals in all classes. These assessments may count as a large percentage of your overall grade.

    study! Review your scheduling options. You can apply for the Career Center as an incoming sophomore in one of the following shops: automotive, CAD, collision, cosmetology, diesel, electrical, HVAC, precision machine, welding, broadcasting, childcare, computer information systems, culinary, dental, health careers, law enforcement, and nursing assistant. You can also apply to the STEM school as an incoming sophomore, even if you were previously declined admittance. Keep in mind; these opportunities have a higher likelihood in occurring if you have good grades, attendance, and behavior. Furthermore, you should reflect upon which courses you excelled in during your 9th grade year. Perhaps, you should take honors and/or AP courses in 10th grade. These courses boost your GPA and look great on your transcript. AP, advanced placement courses, allow you to earn college credits. Review our program of studies: https://www.hasdk12.org/Page/25504