The most important thing you can do this year as a junior is take the SAT's and/or ACT's. Don't wait until you are a senior. You may miss out on important deadlines for certain colleges if you put off taking the SAT's and/or ACT's. Do online practice tests for the SAT or download apps for your phone. You can also take the PSAT-11 (Practice SAT). It is being offered Mid-October. Sign up in guidance.

    Keep in mind, you are still building your transcript. Be mindful of your course selections, credit count, and grades. Be aware of your GPA and class rank.

    Take the ASVAB if you are interested in the military. Listen for announcements for this test. The next one is October 17th at the career center. Sign up in guidance.

    Go on your choices 360 account and search careers/majors and colleges of interest. 

    Research example scholarships so you are aware and prepared on how to do them when you are a senior.

    Be involved and participate in school clubs, sports, and/or obtain a part-time job. Colleges like to see your involvement/qualities you have. Furthermore, your ability to time manage while maintaining good academics.

    Select meaningful courses for your junior and senior year, even if you already met core subject graduation requirements. Colleges will review each academic school year course selections you choose when they consider your acceptance. Your transcript displays every completed grade from 9th to your current scheduled courses. As well as, your overall G.P.A, class rank, total credit count, Keystone assessment scores, and SAT/ACT results. Be sure to schedule at least 2-3 foreign language courses of the same language.  

    See guidance for any questions and/or concerns you may have.