Using EVERFI empowers students to experience real-world learning.  This will assist in equipping students with skills they need for success-now and in the future.  Industry-recognized credentialization
    (Must complete all 5)—12-14 hours.  
    The following programs are available in English & Spanish:
    • EVERFI: Financial Literacy for High School--7 lessons/25 minutes per lesson/4 hours
    • Money Moves: Modern Banking & Identity Protection--4 lessons/20 minutes per lesson/75 minutes
    • Data Science Courses--4 lessons/15-30 minutes per lesson/2 hours

    The following programs are available in English and you will need may need to use Google Translate

    • Venture Entrepreneurial Expediation--4 lessons/25 minutes per lesson/2 hours
    • Endeavor: STEM Career Exploration--7 lessons/25 minutes per lesson/2.5 hours

    Upon completion, students will have completed 1 artifact consistent with student goals in Section 1 Evidenced- Based Pathway

    Industry-Recognized Credentialization for non-CTE students Survey