• 9th Grade

    22 Days of Swimming
    -Floating & Buoyancy  
     -Approach Stroke
    -Front Crawl
    -Elementary Backstroke
    -Threading Water
    -Fitness/Lap Swim 
    22 Days of Health
    -Facts & Myths about Human Sexuality
    -Male Anatomy & Processes
    -Female Anatomy & Processes
    -Fetal Gestation & Pregnancy
    -Sexually Transmitted Disease 
    44 Days of PE 
    -Volleyball (11 day unit)
    -Weight Training (11 day unit)
    -Fitness Games (11 day unit)
    -Basketball (11 day unit)
    10th Grade
    22 Days of Swimming
    - Review of Basic Strokes
    -Review of diving and treading
    -Fitness/Lap Swim 
    -Water Games 
     11 Days of Health
    - Drugs
      - Alcohol 
           - Nutrition   
    57 Days of PE 
    -Weight Training
    -Cardio Workouts