• Biology
    TESTS/QUIZZES----- 30% of  grade.
    Tests are always announced 2 days ahead of time and a thorough review is given the day before the test. Student notebooks are the best study guide, along with the accompanying chapter in the text and any worksheets or assignments.
    Quizzes are not as frequent. They are always announced and will be assigned intermittently based on the material and the need for reinforcement. Occasionally, an important assignment might count as a quiz grade. Quizzes are worth  half as much as tests.    *note--all quizzes count (none are dropped).
    ASSIGNMENTS---  25% of  grade
    Assignments are given whenever they are needed to reinforce the material learned in class. They are necessary to ensure proper retention of material and to enable the class to keep progressing at a satisfactory pace. For this reason, assignments must be turned in on the day they are due for full credit. I will accept them the next day for a score of 70. After the second day, nothing higher than a 50 will be given.  If students are absent, assignments will be accepted when they return for full credit.
       ***reminder---under intensive scheduling, one day of class is like 2 days of classes under the single block system. For this reason, homework may be more frequent.
       ***note---if parents contact me with special situations or concerns I would be more than happy to accommodate certain circumstances.
    CLASSWORK (Projects, Labs, Special Assignments)----25% of grade
    Classwork grade is based on in class activities and projects. Certain labs and graded assignments will be included in this portion of the grade. Attendance does not determine the classwork grade, but if student is absent, the work will have to be made up as an assignment.
    EXAM---20% of grade
    Exams will be given at the end of each quarter. They are cumulative and will be designed to match the Keystone exam. A thorough review will be given so students are well prepared for the exam.