• Classroom Procedures for
    Lynn Feola


    1.        Notebook to take all notes and do all homework

    2.       Pencils and erasers.  Please note- all work must be done in pencil. 


    1.        College Algebra – scientific calculator

    2.       Calculus and AP Calculus – TI-89 graphing calculators.  Students may also borrow a graphing calculator for the semester provided there is enough for everyone.


    1.        All tests/quizzes are announced several days in advance

    2.       If a student is absent the day before a test/quiz he or she must take it on the scheduled day unless new material was taught.  Students are not excused from a test or quiz if they miss the review.  (This includes dismissal for sports or field trips.)

    3.       If a student misses a test or a quiz it is his or her responsibility to schedule a time to make it up.  Make up tests and quizzes are kept in a folder in the front of the room and may be made up at any time before the middle of each quarter for the first half of the quarter and by the end of the quarter for the second half of the marking period.

    4.       Tests or quizzes not made up by the specified dates will become a 0.

    5.       Make up tests/quizzes may be completed before school, during lunch or during class time.


    1.        Students are responsible for all homework assignments given.

    2.       Homework is checked on a regular basis for completion.

    3.       Homework missed because a student was absent may be made up for full credit. 

    4.       Homework missed because the student chose not to do it may not be made up and is a zero.


    1.        Final Exam: 25%

    2.       Tests:  25%

    3.       Homework:  25%

    4.       Quizzes:  25%