• There will be an opitional ZOOM meeting on Thursday, April 30th.  I have sent out the link through REMIND.  Please email me if you did not get the join code.  If you are unfamilar with ZOOM, log on to the ZOOM website, click join meeting and then type in code.  




    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.  I will be happy to look at any of the work you have completed.


    For this worksheet, do not do any of the problems that have variables

    Simlifying Radicals


     solving equations with factoring


    Solving linear equations

    Radical worksheets

    Factoring worksheets

    1.  Page 267  1-25 odd


    2.  Page 272  1-29 odd


    3.  Page 275 1-31odd


    4.  Page 280  1-17 odd


    5.  Both worksheets on radicals.


    Remind app:  text 81010 and join code is @hd8ck46


    Khan Academy join code is n2r6z73f.  I have unlocked several videos and assignments for you to do if you would like to keep your skills fresh.


    Please show all work where it is appropriate.  Keep all of your assignments together and I will check them when we return.  Do not do the worksheets that are linked on this page yet.  I will let you know when to do them.  You can get some additional explainations on radicals on Kahn Academy.  Just type in the topic in the search bar.   Please reach out to me with any questions you have.  You can email me or use Remind.  Stay healthy!