• Classroom Procedures for Dr. Conston's Class

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    Classroom Focus:


    Our classroom will be a structured and positive environment where all students feel safe and accepted to learn.


    Teacher Responsibilities:


    • To treat you with respect and care as an individual.
    • To provide you an orderly classroom environment.
    • To provide the necessary discipline.
    • To provide appropriate motivation.
    • To teach you the required content.


    Student Responsibilities:


    • To treat me with respect and care as an individual.
    • To attend class regularly.
    • To be cooperative and not disruptive.
    • To study and do your work well.
    • To learn and master the required content.


    Classroom Rules:


    1. Show respect to your classmates, teacher and school at all times.
    2. Be prepared for class everyday with the necessary materials.
    3. Do your own work at all times.
    4. Be in your seat and ready when the bell rings.