1. I do not give grades. You must EARN them!
    2. You will be graded based on a points system. The total points you earn for the quarter will be divided by the total points possible for the quarter and you will receive a percentage grade. 

                     -Quizzes will range from 10-50 points.

                     -Projects will range from 30-150 points.

                     -Tests will range from 40-100 points.

                     -Classwork will range from 5-50 points

      3. Grading distribution

    -  25% Class work, homework, and PDNs (Assignments)

    -  25% Quizzes, essays and speaking (Quizzes) 

    -  30% Tests, essays, speaking and Projects (Tests)

    -  20% Final Exam (Final)  


    1. Grading Scale:

                     93 – 100 = A

                     85 – 92= B

                     77 – 84 = C

                     70 – 76 = D

                     Below 70 = Fail


    Make-up Work Policy:

    1. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to get any notes or handouts.  You are responsible for all missed assignments. Work is due by 11:59pm everyday.  If you are absent from class, you must complete your work by 11:59PM to be counted as present for the day. 


     I am available before and after school and during my lunch and prep period for tutoring.  Please make an appointment with me.