• Grading Procedures
    Think of your grade as a video game, you earn points based on
    your performance.
    You will be graded based on quizzes (both announced and unannounced) chapter tests, projects, labs, homework assignments, participation, and comprehensive exams.
    25% Classwork/Homework  most students do poorly in Biology because they do not keep up with these assignments.  Turning in assignments late, even later on in the class, will result in a grade deduction. After 1 week, work will not be accepted and your grade will be a "0".
    25% Projects/Labs
    10% Quizzes normally announced; also posted on my webpage on the Calendar.
    20% Tests ALWAYS announced; also posted on my webpage on the Calendar; some alternative assignments or projects may count as test grades.
    20% Exam cumulative and will include all material covered up to the test date

    The grading scale is:
    A = 93 - 100
    B = 85 - 92
    C = 77 - 84
    D = 70 - 76
    Failure = 69 and Below