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    Mrs. Orfield’s Newsletter


    1/30 Monday: Introduce Letter “Hh” and sight word “my”; Reading folder; Intervention; Library; math homework

    1/31 Tuesday: Writing sentences; Valentine’s Day ladybug project; reading/writing homework

    2/1 Wednesday:  Finish Chapter 9 Math (Classify Objects); Intervention; Gym (please wear sneakers); math homework

    2/2 Thursday: Groundhog Day book & activity; sight word book; reading/writing homework

    2/3 Friday: Show and Tell Letter “Hh” (students can bring in something that begins with letter “Hh”); Valentine’s Day writing activity; music

    Practice at home: Letters, sounds, sight words (I, can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do,my) Counting 1-50; Counting by 5’s & 10’s to 100; Recognize Numbers 0-20; Writing numbers 0-20; Writing first/last name; colors; color words; shapes