In reading we are in Unit 9 (How Things Change): We will be working on basic features of print, letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, and words in a sentence. We will be previewing Long Vowels: "a", "i", "o"; and reading/writing the sight words "help", "too", "has", "play", "where", "look". The reading skill that his theme will focus on is concepts of print. The comprehension skill that this theme will target is Visualize. Our academic vocabulary is: cover, letters, uppercase, lowercase, adjective, predict, sentence, tale, illustrations, fiction, informational text, sequence, fable, characters, and plot. Our writing in Unit 9 will consist of writing high-frequency words, sentences, and letters.
    Our current stories are:
    Peter's Chair, Hen Hears Gossip, Bread Comes to Life
    In math we are in: Three-Dimensional Shapes (Chapter 12)
    Vocabulary words: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, roll, stack, slide
    Homework for the 2022-2023 School Year
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    Math homework
    Reading/writing homework      
    Math homework
    Thursday: Reading/writing homework
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