Grading Procedures 
     Grades will be based on the following:
    • Professionalism- 20%
    • Class participation- 15%
    • Assignments, Projects, and Notebooks- 25%
    • Kitchen production- 25%
    • Tests, Quizzes & Practical Evaluations- 15%
     Testing Procedures
    • All students will receive a study guide before a test is given. The study guide must be completed in it's entirety before it is gone over in class. Students may then use the study guide as a tool to prepare for the upcoming exam.
    • If a student misses a test, it is their responsibility to make up the exam as soon as they return. Any test not made up within one week will result in a zero grade.
    • Grades will be posted to SKYWARD as soon as they are completed.
    • Students caught talking or cheating during a test, quiz, or other type of examination will receive an automatic zero