Culinary Arts Code of Conduct


    Rules and Procedures

    • Keep a positive attitude!
    • Treat your peers, instructor, property and equipment with respect at all times.
    • Absolutely no horseplay will be permitted.
    • Be here unless ill. (Employers want to see a good attendance record!)
    • Students are expected to take notes, retain recipes and handouts to study for tests.
    • Students must have a binder.
    • Come to class prepared, at all times, which means with computer, pencil, pen and notebook.
    • Store all electronics off and in your backpack including cell phones. Students will be given one cell phone warning. Upon second infraction students will be referred to the assistant principal.
    • Absolutely no headphones allowed in class.
    • Store backpacks in locker room.
    • Clean your workstation as you go.
    • Water is the only beverage allowed in class and the only food allowed in class is what we prepare.
    • Students will only consume food prepared in class with instructor permission. No eating or drinking anything without instructor consent.
    • Tasting during cooking is allowed only with tasting spoons.
    • Student groups must only use ingredient amounts allotted to them in recipes. Recipes ingredients must be adhered to unless otherwise directed.
    • Do not throw food away until you have checked with your instructor.
    • Cleaning is a part of cooking and a part of every student’s grade.
    • All utensils and dishes must be cleaned and put away properly before the end of class.
    • If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment- ASK
    • Always return equipment to the proper storage spot. If you don’t know- ASK
    • Clean up must be done before students can leave.
    • Students will not be permitted to remove food from classroom.


    Please understand that I do not expect anyone to be perfect, mistakes are how we learn. I do expect everyone to put forth 100% effort. Careless mistakes are unacceptable.

    My goals include student learning, student enjoyment, student productivity, student responsibility, and student accountability.

    Every student is expected to be engaged in the daily activity.


    Repercussions: I have high expectations of you following all classroom and lab rules.

    1. First warning. Your actions must cease immediately.
    2. Written warning. You will be given a referral and you will be sent out of the class. You will not return until a parent or guardian can be reached. Harassment of any kind, cheating on quizzes, tests, finals, plagiarism and/or stealing will go straight to a written warning.

    Anyone of these actions in conjunction with harassment of any sort can result in a loss of points, privileges, immediate removal from program, failing grade and/or loss of credits.