•           Welcome to the  Hazleton Area
                              Sport Shooting Club
        2016 National Champions- Trap!!! 
                                 Advisor: Ms. Stacy McCuen
                            570-459-3221@ HAHS or HEMS (to leave a message)
     Head coach- Mr. Joseph Gans
     Mr. Dave Darrough- Skeet, Mr. John Cibulish-Trap, Mr. Wesley Puterbaugh-Sporting Clays, Mr. Joey Gans
    Asst. Coaches- Mr. Ren Pelszynski, Mr. Thomas Fuccile
    Sporting Clays will meet on Sunday, April 28th at 10:00 with Coach Duffy, bring at least 75 rounds
    We are currently recruiting for new members!! A parent/student information meeting will be held within the next couple of weeks. I will post the date and time as soon as it is confirmed. All new members MUST attend a safety course in order to qualify for the club, no matter what experience they have. This is a 2/3 day course and will be held, most likely, the first weekend in March. That will also be posted asap. Please email me with your name, grade, age, and building you attend, if you are interested. Please see below for more important information.
    We voted for our new club officers for the 2023-2024 school year!
    They are:
    President- Dylan Saccketti
    VP- Zach Kinney
    Off. Admin.- Domonic Pelszynski
    SAA- Billy Ebert
    Treasurer- Thomas Nowak
    ****A parent must accompany you on Sept. 13th for the briefing!
     SKEET: March 6th & 20th
                  April 3rd & 17th
                  May 1st, 14th, 15th & 16th
                  June TBD for Nationals
    TRAP: March 13th & 27th
                April 10th & 24th
               May 8th, 22nd & 29th
               June 4th, 5th & 6th
    Sporting Clays will be on Sundays 
                 April 28th with Coach Duffy
    The Spring Trap dues are TBD
                Skeet dues are TBD
    SCTP Pa Shoot, Generations Skeet Club, Patton PA  May 
    SCTP Trap Competition SCTP Elysburg June 
    Sporting Clay's Competition- Lawrence County, Wampum PA June 
    SCTP National Championships, Marengo OH July 
    NEW SHOOTERS!---The basic shotgun safety course: will be held at Whitetail Preserve and MUST be taken and passed in order to be eligible for the club. If you would like to join I will need you to contact me before that weekend. BOTH days MUST be attended and completed in order to qualify for the club. You will also be required to have a referral form filled out by your building principal and guidance in order to qualify. Once the course is completed you will begin practicing on Thursday evenings. Then, when the coaches feel you are ready, you will qualify for the team and begin practicing with them on alternating Wednesdays. Any questions can be directed to mccuens@hasdk12.org
    You will need this form filled out and signed before the course begins: Please click on the referral form link, print and have signed.
    The dates of this course will be determined at a later date.
    To be elgible for this club you must meet all criteria:
    *No serious discipline referrals in the past year. I will be contacting each school beforehand to check grades and any discipline referrals.
    *No suspensions due to fighting and or violence, threats etc.
    *A "C" grade point average or better
    *Pass the safety course
    *In 7th grade or higher
    *At least 12 years old 
    Anyone who is interested in joining needs to email
    Ms. McCuen 
    I will need your name, age, grade, and building you attend.
    I would like to thank all of our coaches and parent volunteers for their dedication to this club! Without them we would not have such a successful team. Their time, dedication, patience, and support for our students is evident in all of  the accomplishments the team has made.  THANK YOU!!!!! Sincerely, Ms. McCuen
    nationals 3  
    How to join our club: 
    In order to join our club you must attend the 3 day shotgun safety course which is offered in the fall and again over the winter. This will be held on September17th and 18th.  That is the first thing you need to do along with your school referrals. If you did not attend the course you will need to wait until the next course is offered. This is a requirement to join our club. This course is different than the hunter safety course. The cost for this course is $35. You must be at least 12 years old to take this course and at least in 7th grade to join the club. All members MUST shoot trap with us for a year before they can join skeet or sporting clays. You will be required to get 2-3 referrals from your school. Accepted referral sources are the school principal and guidance counselor. You must be recommended by your school principal and guidance office to join this club. I will also be doing a discipline check quarterly to determine your eligibility under our code of conduct/club rules. You will receive a referral form at the Sept. 3rd meeting or you can get one at the safety course from Ms. McCuen. You must also maintain a "C" average to remain eligible.
     Information on meals:We will not be serving any meals or beverages until furthur notice.


     Fundraising Events
    None currently


    Parent Support Group Meeting - TBA
     Every first Monday of the month at 7:30
                   at Whitetail Preserve
    All parents are welcome to join the parent support group
    and attend our monthly meetings.
    Please join us!