•  Science Club 2022

    Lunar Eclipse Best time to view 6:00 am till 6:30 am ,Tuesday 8th.

    Web site: Map of Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2022 (timeanddate.com)

    Eclipses visible in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA – Nov 8, 2022 Lunar Eclipse (timeanddate.com)

    This eclipse is also special because it will fall just a few days after the peak night for the annual Taurid meteor shower, which is known for producing bright, colorful fireballs. While the light of the moon may diminish most meteors, there’s a chance that a fireball could add an exclamation point to the early-morning viewing.

    The eclipse will be visible across the entire U.S. No special equipment is needed for viewing it, but you’ll want to keep your fingers crossed for clear skies.

    So why is this moon called a “blood moon”? Because a total lunar eclipse affects which types of light waves reach the moon’s surface, making it appear a rusty, copper red color. Dust in the Earth’s atmosphere can also contribute to the eclipsed moon’s spooky hue.

    The November full moon is also called the Beaver Moon according to the Old Farmers Almanac, which references the monthly full moons with names tied to early Native American, colonial American, and European folklore. That nickname is owed to this being the time of year when beavers start to hunker down for the winter in their lodges, as well as the historical season for beaver trapping during the era of the North American fur trade.


    Another start to great year for science. In these difficult times, we need to understand science more than ever.


    Join Science club. Stop watching cool demos on you tube and come see them in person.


    Any students interested should email mazurekg@hasdk12.org


     Mr. Greg Mazurek




    2019 Health Science Discovery Trip to Wilkes University

    Septemer 27,Students learned about all the programs Wilkes offers in the Health and medical fields.  This program will provided an  extraordinary professional developement oppertunity to high school students interested in the health sciences. Students networked with professionals, faculty and college students .Students also completed several labs in the state of the art Cohen Science building.

    Wilkes5  wilkes1  wilkes 3


    September 14, Star party at Eckley, view plants, meteors, and constellation in a dark sky.

    September 13, star party in school parking lot, view full moon on Friday the 13th.

    September 2019 first meeting, room 214 at High school.


    Field Trip May 24, Science History Institute


              The Hazleton Area High School Science Club would like to invite all of its members to join us at the Science History Institute and Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.  We will be visiting Friday May 24, 2019. The fee for this trip is $27.00 per person.  This fee covers: cost of admission and transportation expenses.  After the museum, the members will go to Penn’s Landing. Students can pay cash or make checks payable to HAHS Science Club.  You may also want to bring money for food and souvenirs.  All students MUST stay with a chaperone while on this trip.

              We will be meeting at Hazleton Area High School Parking Lot on Friday, May 24, at 6:55 am and the bus will leave at 7:00 am sharp. The bus will depart from Penn’s Landing at 1:00 pm and will return to the high school approximately 4:00 pm. Parents need to provide transportation from the school to your home. Please sign and detach the bottom portion of this permission slip and return it to Mr. Mazurek with your check.  We look forward to seeing all of you on the trip!


    Star Party April  13, 

    Star Party March 23, 


    Star Party Tuesday March 26 8pm

    Science club meeting March 14 at High School 3pm in room 214

    Science club meeting Feb 15 at High School3pm in room 214


    Lunar Eclipse Sunday night Jan 20

    Eastern Time
    Partial umbral eclipse begins: 10:34 p.m. (January 20, 2019)
    Total lunar eclipse begins: 11:41 p.m. (January 20, 2019)
    Greatest eclipse: 12:12 a.m. (January 21, 2019)
    Total lunar eclipse ends: 12:43 a.m. (January 21, 2019)
    Partial umbral eclipse ends: 1:51 a.m. (January 21, 2019)


    Meeting Wednesday Jan16, 3p at High School


    Meeting Thursday December 20, 3pm in room 214 at High School.


    October 26,Science Club minutes: 

    Shirt sale "Never trust an atom, they make up everything" Most club members showed interest.will get prices.

    Remind text 81010, message @4d9ae9

    Field Trip: December 7, American Museum of Natural History in NYC. MUST stay inside museum, $45 per student, active members first (oct 29-Nov2)

    Collecting at High School lobby Oct 30, 3pm


    Science Club Meeting Friday 3pm High School room 214

    Remind Sign up, field trip plans, 


    National Astronomy Day 2018

    National Astronomy Day puts the universe in your hands. This year, on April 21 and October 13, celebrate the skies with your local astronomy institution.
    The Science club will have a star party Saturday in the High School Parking lot at 7:30. We will have an interductory "How to Observe".
    Party will last 45 minutes. Dress warm.


    David Mazurek finds Meteorite: https://www.woodtv.com/news/montcalm-county/montcalm-co-doorstop-actually-100k-meteorite/1498302794

    A meteor is a block of matter, relatively small by cosmological standards, that has descended into Earth’s atmosphere from outer space, burning a trail of dust and fire as its high speed produces friction with the air. A meteoroid is the name given to a body of matter moving in space before it enters Earth’s atmosphere. A meteorite is the name for the rock that remains after a meteor strikes Earth’s surface.

    Science Club meeting 9/27/2018

    Drug and alcohol forms are due. A field trip to the American Museum of Natural history in December was discussed. A remind group will be set up by the new officers to help with organizing star parties. We also talked about getting tee-shirts for science club members. Elections results.

    Career CenterJoey Belusko President  and   Kianna Basile Vice- President

    High School: President Keiri Lorenzo and Jose Sandoval Vice-President

    Stem: Natalie Burgos President and Alex Chura Vice-President


    Congratuations to all the officers!!!


    Science Club meeting September 7, 3pm in room 214 at the High School

    All interested students must submit a drug and alcohol form. Topics discussed; electing officers, setting up a slack group, how star parties are organized, plans for a field trip, and fund raisers.



    lunar eclipse  
    Eclipse was visible in between bands of clouds.
    ISS + Moon