• Web Page Design                  


    This hands-on course covers principles of design, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) coding used to create web pages, graphics, animation, and web site maintenance.  The Internet is used as a research tool and effective searching skills are taught and applied.  Topics include fundamental tags, tables, forms, javascript, and stylesheets. 




    Students will be graded as follows:


    ü  1/4 – Tests / Quizzes

    ü  1/4 – Classwork / Projects
    ü  1/4 – Attendance / Class Participation
                      ü  1/4 – Mid Term / Final Exam

    Points will be deducted for work handed in late or work of poor quality.  Also, you will receive a “0” if you are found copying or tampering with another students’ work.  Please note: Absences are no excuse for missed assignments.  You will be held responsible for completing missed work.




    1.  NO food, drink, or GUM is allowed in the lab.  If it is demonstrated that the class is responsible enough to handle gum/candy, it may be allowed on a limited basis.

    2.  Students are to arrive to class on time and immediately go to their assigned seat or workstation.  Instructions for the day’s assignment will be on the board.  Read them carefully and begin to follow the instructions.

    3.  Respect all equipment.  Monetary damages may be accessed for computer vandalism and may result in the student being permanently removed from the equipment, the class, or both.

    4.  During class lectures or presentations, one person speaks at a time.  If you have a question or comment, please raise your hand. 

    5.  When you are finished working on the computers, you must return to your assigned seat until the bell rings and your teacher dismisses you.

    6.  Students will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the computers during the class period they are working on them.  If there are any problems with the equipment, please report them immediately.  Before you leave class, do a final check on the equipment and turn the mouse over.

    7.  ALL STUDENTS will respect each other, the teacher, and any substitute teacher that enters the classroom.  Improper classroom behavior will not be tolerated.

    8.  Any student caught viewing inappropriate material on the Internet, or otherwise using the Internet for anything other than school-related functions, will permanently lose the privilege of accessing the Internet in accordance with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.



    With everyone behaving responsibly and following the guidelines, this course will run smoothly and we will have an enjoyable class.