• Personal Financial Literacy        Joan S. Ryan, author


    Students will be introduced to personal financial literacy concepts such as income sources, income and purchasing power, banking, personal risk management, buying decisions, the cost of credit, credit problems and credit laws, saving and investing options and consumer choices in today’s world economy. A thorough math review in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, equations, percentages and measurement will be integrated into the instruction and projects.  Decision-making and problem solving within the context of personal finance will be stressed.




    Students will be graded as follows:


    ü  1/4 – Tests / Quizzes

    ü  1/4 – Classwork / Projects
    ü  1/4 – Attendance / Class Participation
                      ü  1/4 – Mid Term / Final Exam

    Points will be deducted for work handed in late or work of poor quality.  Also, you will receive a “0” if you are found copying or tampering with another students’ work.  Please note: Absences are no excuse for missed assignments.  You will be held responsible for completing missed work.