• Classroom Procedures for Mr. Kuniega


    Entering the Classroom

    When you walk in this classroom you should get your calculator, sharpen your pencil, if needed, get your homework out from the night before, and work on the bellringer.


    If you were absent you need to check the website for your class for any missed assignments. They are to be completed by the next day you come to class. Show me when I am checking homework or before class starts.


    Leaving the Classroom

    You may leave to go to the lavatory during the first 5 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class as long as the lesson is not going on and you have my permission. This is a privilege and if it is abused you will lose it. One person is allowed out at a time. 


    Material Use

    If you borrow a pencil please return it. If you damage it, you will need to replace it. If you use a calculator or computer, use the device that is assigned to you. If it is missing, let me know.