My goal as an educator is to instill in my students a joy of learning and to prepare them to be successful in their future endeavors. Consequently, it is my responsibility to both facilitate a student’s pursuit of a higher education as well as his or her development into a contributing member of society. Although there are numerous factors that influence the quality of an education, I believe that creating a suitable learning environment, establishing effective teaching methods that can reach a variety of learning styles, and focusing on providing a true understanding of classroom content are essential aspects in providing an education of the utmost quality.


    • M.S. in Educational Development and Strategies: 2018
    • Received Teaching Certificate in Secondary Level Mathematics from Wilkes University: 2014
    • B.S. in Mathematics from Marywood University: 2011
    • Graduate of Greater Nanticoke Area High School: 2007

    What You can Expect from Me

    • A variety of learning activities
    • Numerous graded assignments. This will give me feedback on how each student is performing, and see if there are areas where the whole class had trouble mastering the content. It provides you, the student, with the opportunity to boost any one low score you might have had, and it keeps you alert and accountable for what is being taught.
    • A willingness to help every student develop their mathematical skills. Students are encouraged seek out help if they are having difficulty understanding a topic.