What is the NOCTI Exam?


    The NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) delivers a battery of assessments or Standardized tests for students studying career and technical programs in high schools and technical colleges in the United States.


    What is on the exam?


    The assessments are updated on a regular basis and are aligned with O*NET, national academic standards (math, science, and language arts) as well as business and industry standards. When appropriate, customized assessments may be developed to meet the educational needs of a specific region or a state. A number of the assessments are linked to industry certifications programs.


    What is the format of the exam?


    The tests are based on a job and task analysis process. One part is a written theory portion taken on the computer and the other part is to follow instruction and complete a task list as efficiently as possible.


    What the benefits of taking the NOCTI


    it allows industry to see that you are proficient in your skill area and allows you to obtain state certification in your skill area. It also can allow for you to receive college/post secondary credit in your field from a partnering college, technical school or community college through the SOAR Program.


    Who is eligible to take the exam?


    Any student who has reached the 3rd level of their program and demonstrated proficient skill level within their program.


    When are the NOCTI Exams given?

    There are 2 exams for our students a pretest that is given in the Fall and the Post (official) exam given in the spring.  Certificates of advanced or proficient are given out during our award ceremony or at graduation.  


    Only scores of advanced or proficient make a student eligible for college/post-secondary school credit.



    Where can I learn more about the NOCTI Exam:

    Follow this link to the Official NOCTI Testing Website